Frequently Asked Questions

Here're some answers to questions which people usually ask in the channel comments.

Why doesn't mommy show her face
Because mommy is shy and doesn't want to show her face yet. If the channel ever hits 1 million subs though, then it'll happen in the celebration video.
Why don't you make more NERF video / toy skits
Making skits like that takes a lot of time, need to plan the video shoot and make sure there's a proper time to do everything. I also need to have an idea on what to make a video on before I can actually make a video.
Why do you live stream so late/early

Remember that I'm staying in Malaysia so you need to first understand the timezone differences. Here's a map showing where Malaysia is with regards to timezones.

On weekdays, if I'm free (And mommy doesn't occupy the TV) I'll stream at night around 10:30PM.

On weekends, I might stream whenever I feel like it.

Can I play XXX game with you
Due to the nature of my work, I prefer not to make any commmitments to scheduling any sort of appointments or team up events. Also, note that even if we do end up playing together I would never turn on voice chat broadcast on the stream.
Can I donate or support you in any way?

I'm not a full time YouTuber, so I don't really feel good about people donating directly to support me. Watching my videos and spreading them around is more than enough.

Although you can check out my affiliate links page and if you use any of the links there to buy your stuff, I'll get a little kick back from your purchases.

Additional Questions

Here's a video I made regarding in the past which answered some additional questions.