Windows 10 has a great easier to use tool called the GameBar which you can use to easily record video clips while gaming.

You can then easily trim the videos using windows 10's built in Video Editor.

But the problem is that the editor will not preserve the recording framerate, and smooshes it down to 30FPS. This is not ideal especially when you might have recorded it in glorious 60FPS!! Also.. Twitter doesn't accept anything higher than 60 fps!

Is to find a better video trimming tool. And what better than the Swiss Army Knife of video processing tools.. FFMPEG!!

But the problem is.. FFMPEG is a command line tool. And thus, in order to be quick and user friendly, it'd require a front end.

And THIS is the frontend! M2QuickClip!! The quick and easy tool for clipping GameBar clips so they can be uploaded to Twitter with their FPS preserved...

First you're going to need a copy of FFMPEG. You can find a list of Windows Builds at http://ffmpeg.org/download.html#build-windows

I was using the builds from https://www.gyan.dev/ffmpeg/builds/. You'd want to download the "release full" build, the link that says https://www.gyan.dev/ffmpeg/builds/ffmpeg-release-full.zip

Once you've downloaded the archive, unzip the contents, move the ENTIRE contents of the bin folder to where you want to run the program. Depending on which build you've downloaded, the bin folder could either contain 3 EXE files and maybe a bunch of DLL files. The main thing to take note is, all of the files need to be moved TOGETHER!!

  1. Download the ZIP to your computer
  2. Unzip the file in the same location where you put the contents of the FFMPEG bin folder. And you'll see a new M2QuickClip.exe Program.
  3. Double click to run and use the program!! Windows might throw up the SmartScreen thing complaining that the file comes from an unknown source. Just ignore the warning... I'm not paying for a code signing cert! :P
  4. Basic operation.. load a video file, pick a start and end point, then click Create Output File. The video scrubber is fidgity, yeah I know. Test Mode is more for me to check on stuff. You *should* use hardware acceleration whenever possible, but if it dies, it could either be your hardware or the FFMPEG you're using.
  5. Read the Help File HERE!!